Imma Let you Finish, But…

Hey, everyone!

I’m sure you’re all getting ready for Thanksgiving break – I know I am! But before we all stuff our faces with turkey and mashed potatoes, I’m here to critique a few of my classmates’ blogs. Outlined below are my three critiques. After reading a few of my classmates’ blogs, I described things I liked, things I learned, and some changes I would make. I have critiqued Madison Steven’s, JT Nudge’s, and Kiera Montanary’s blogs.

Let’s Look at Some Blogs

The first blog critique is Madison’s, which was written about the show Shameless. Click here to read Madi’s blog!

Image result for shameless

Hi, Madi! I chose to critique your blog because you chose to write about Shameless, which I also chose to write about. First of all, I love how you started your blog with a quote. I think that’s such a unique way to pull your reader into your blog (I know it pulled me in). Additionally, the way that you chose to title various sections of your post and bold certain words really helped make your blog extremely reader friendly.

Shameless is one of my favorite shows and by reading your blog, I was certainly able to better understand Fisk’s three levels of Reality, Representation, and Ideology. The way that you described the representation level in Shameless was especially interesting to me. I had never thought about the camera angles, lighting, and music before but your analysis of these elements was great!

One thing that I would change about your blog post would be to add a description of Fisk’s three levels before you go straight into the example. Clearly, most people that read your blog will know about Fisk’s three levels since we all learned about it in class. However, if someone outside of our class is to read your blog, it would be extremely helpful to have this description as a reference.

Another thing that I enjoyed about your blog was the outside source that you used which explained the music in Shameless. I have listened to Shameless’ theme song so many times but have never thought about its meaning. Music is such a powerful tool used in media, which you clearly explained. It would have been great if you added a direct link to this source within your blog.

Speaking of sources, I found a very interesting article online titled, “Why Isn’t Shameless’ Fiona Treated Like the ‘Difficult Men’ of TV?” This article explained that although Fiona is such a strong character, she is often undervalued due to the fact that she is a woman. I think this article would have been interesting to discuss within your discussion of the ideology of patriarchy. All in all, I really enjoyed reading your blog and look forward to working with you more in our group project!

Okay, so that critique was a little on the long side, but I just love Shameless so much! The next blog that I am going to analyze is a blog about Friends, written by JT Nudge. Like Madison’s, JT chose to analyze his media text using Fisk’s three levels. JT wrote his blog about the show Friends. Click here to read JT’s blog!

Image result for Friends

Hey, JT! I really enjoyed reading your blog. I love the show friends, so I’m pretty familiar with the characters and the plot line. However, I loved that you gave a brief description of the show for anyone that isn’t familiar with the show.  I also really liked that you explained what exactly each level is and what it means. I think that anyone, even someone that doesn’t know what media criticism is, could easily understand the ideas in your blog.

Your description of the three levels was extremely thorough. Your explanation of the three levels through the example of Friends helped me better understand Fisk’s three levels.

In the second level, which is representation, I really enjoyed the way that you explained how the sound effects help the audience better understand the setting. I had never thought about this before, but you are so right about this! Hearing all of the noise pollution in the show definitely helps the viewer picture New York City. Something that I think it would have been great for you to mention while explaining the second level is the music in the show. It would have been great to mention and analyze the iconic theme song of Friends. You could have included a link to the theme song and explained the impact that the theme song and the other music in the show affects the viewer of the show. If you’ve never hear it before, here’s the theme song:

I also really like the way that you explained the third level, ideology. I think the point that you raised about all of the characters being white, although living in a “melting pot” was very interesting. I have thought about the fact that all of the main character are white before. However, I had never thought to consider that this isn’t very realistic given the fact that they are living in New York City. This was an excellent point to make!

I found a blog that you might find interesting. The blogger, Laura, deeply analyzes friends and discusses several issues within the show. One issue that she discusses is the issue of race and lack of diversity. JT, you could have definitely used this as a reference in your blog! Take a look at Laura’s blog by clicking here!

JT, I really enjoyed reading your blog and I’ll see you in class tomorrow!

Ok, everyone. This has been really fun and I’ve certainly enjoyed reading these blogs. I’m almost finished, so bear with me! But I do have one more blog to critique. The next blog that I am critiquing is Keira Montanary’s blog about Parks and Recreation. Click here to read Kiera’s blog!

First of all, Keira, I love the way that your blog is laid out; it’s so simple, yet so beautiful. Secondly, I loved how you included a personal blurb about yourself, explaining why the show Parks and Rec is so important to you. I also loved the personal touches that you added throughout your blog, like ending it with, “XOXO, Kiera”.

Image result for Parks and Recreation

It was great that you explained the role of feminism and cultural pedagogy within the show. Not only did you give vivid descriptions of the characters, you also gave an in-depth explanation of the codes of feminism within the show. This was a great approach to this blog, but I think it would have been really interesting to have analyzed it using Fisk’s three levels.

Since you gave such great descriptions of the characters, you have already covered a lot of the first level, which is reality. I think it would have been so interesting if you looked at the three levels since this show is filmed like a mockumentary. It would have been great to analyze this in the second level of representation. As far as the third level, which is ideology, you certainly covered it with your in-depth explanation of the codes of feminism within the show. I just think that this would have been an interesting approach to take with the show Parks and Rec.

Since you deeply analyzed the codes of feminism in this show, I found an article from Buzzfeed that I think you’ll enjoy. Click here to read this article. In it, there are a bunch of memes that show, “19 Times Leslie Knope Shut Down Sexism on ‘Parks & Rec’.” This is definitely a resource that you could have used to entertain your readers!

I really enjoyed reading this blog! It makes me want to binge watch the entire series again!


Well, there you have it folks! That was my last blog of the semester. I have really enjoyed writing blogs in this class and getting the opportunity to read all of my classmate’s blogs as well. This experience has really helped me understand key ideas in media criticism, while using a creative and fun outlet! I may even start to write my own personal blogs from now on (I never realized how easy and enjoyable blogging can be!).

I hope you all have enjoyed this assignment as much as I have! Talk to you soon and Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Thanks for Reading!


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